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Logging into your Canvas account can be done through different methods depending on your institution and whether you are using a browser or a mobile app. Here’s a general guide to help you:

Logging in through a Browser

Step 1: Access the Canvas URL: Go to your institution-specific Canvas URL. This URL typically follows the structure [institution name] or canvas.[institution name].edu.

Step 2: Enter Your Credentials: If you are not automatically logged in through your institution’s system, you will need to enter your credentials. This usually includes your institution email address and password.

Step 3: Multi-Factor Authentication: If your institution requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), follow the prompts to complete this step.

Step 4: Stay Signed In Option: You may have the option to stay signed in for a specified period.

Logging in through the Canvas Mobile App

Step 1: Download the App: Download either the Canvas Student or Canvas Teacher app from your app store.

Step 2: Find Your School: Open the app and enter your institution’s name to find your specific Canvas site.

Step 3: Enter Your Login Details: Log in with your institution email and password.

Step 4: Verify with MFA: If required, complete the Multi-Factor Authentication process.

Logging in through an Institution Portal

Some institutions allow you to access Canvas through their own portal or student system. In this case, log in to the institution portal, and you should find a direct link to Canvas.

Common Issues and Support

If you encounter any issues or need help logging in, it’s recommended to contact your institution’s IT support or check out the Canvas support resources available at your institution.

For more detailed information, visit Canvas Community and Canvas @ UNM where specific guides and support resources are available. Remember, the exact login process may vary slightly depending on your institution’s specific Canvas setup.

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